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September 17, 2005 was a day I will never forget. It all started when Dad and I went to Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. There were 8 monster trucks there, my favorites MaxD and BullDozer, Tom brought the 2 trucks. Rob Knell was the driver of BullDozer, Tom's cousin...

That day at 7pm, the show started. It started off with many diesel trucks, jet trucks and other race trucks. The 8 monster trucks came out for racing first, it is a cool track as they actually line up in the grass/dirt right next to the 1/4 mile track. They use the starting christmas tree and jump over a set of 3 cars, turn, hit the ramps and cross over to the other side. This winner is the truck who clears the 2nd set of cars the first. Gary Porter, driving Grave Digger won the racing portion, beating out a close race with Tom Meents in MaxD.

Now for the big story.... Black Stallion, T-Max, Iron Warrior, Stiker and Sudden Impact did great! Then came BullDozer, Grave Digger and MaxD. MaxD came out and really got some sick air, and of course he and his wild cyclones. Then hitting one pile of cars, he damaged his steering and had to shut the truck off. Grave Digger came out and also had great air and good the same time Tom Meents stepped in BullDozer and when he hit the first set of cars, his signature "hand out the window" was visible. I right then knew it was Tom driving. Tom did a wild cyclone and then started to go down on side of the track hitting the pile of cars. A pop pop pop was heard and Dad said "there goes his motor"...At the same time, Grave Digger did a wild cyclone and finished right in the middle of the burn out area, where the judging is done. Rob Knell had jumped on Tom's red quad and went and picked Tom up and took him over to where Grave Digger was.

Now, it was time for the audience to judge. At Englishtown, they use the loudness of the applause instead of score cards. First Grave Digger, the crowd went wild, then Tom Meents, the crowd went wild also. It was real close, so they did Grave Digger again, loud applause, then Tom Spun Himself around (like he use to do the wing walk on Monster Patrol), the crowd was at its loudest! The track official awarded Tom Meents a 3' FreeStyle trophy,


It sits right on my bedroom dresser, it was a very special day of my life. You made my Dad's eyes water!!!

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