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My Goal: I am only 14 years old and will be a Monster Truck Driver!

September 17, 2005 Changed My Life...Read This Story! Tom Meents and Me, Tom Gave Me His TROPHY!  Thanks Tom Meents!
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My name is Gary John (GJ), this site will be dedicated to my desire to one day own a truck and be a driver! With some help from my Mom & Dad I have created this website. I am starting young, I already run a modified dirt go-cart and get air and well as other tricks (rollcage, helmet, seatbelt and neckbrace). I attend as many events as I can. I enjoy all the Hot Wheels Trucks, I watch all the Speed TV Monster Jam Shows, my room is filled with USHRA merchandise, the list goes on and on....

New News: READ THIS...WOW!....Recently the best thing in the whole world happened to me, I still cannot believe it. It all happened at Englishtown Raceway Park, about 25 minutes from my home. It all started...

2005 News: Sam Boyd Stadium, the World Finals 2005, Las Vegas, what a nice time. Attended the Friday Night Time Trials, Bounty Hunter got best qualfiying time, then Anderson, then GunSlinger. MaxD flipped it on one run right after the finish and messed up his left front wheel, see picture. Saturday night turned out to be an amazing night. Rain began for the first time in the World Finals history and it immediately changed the racing game. The track got slick and horse power went right out the window as driving skill and traction was key to victory. Early on the experience showed in Anderson, Meents, Hartsock, Madusa and Jimmy Creton. Gaining the favorite right hand lane Madusa knocked out Anderson in the final round! I believe a dry track would of changed the outcome tremondously as horsepower and experience would of made a difference. I predicted, on a dry track, Anderson, Meents, Jimmy Creton and Hartsock in the final four.

2004 News: My Mom & Dad drove down to the Digger Dungeon in North Carolina, it was pretty neat. Dennis Anderson was there and I got to see his Monster Truck garage and all his stuff, real neat. Then in the Summer, we flew down to Florida and went to Scott Hartsock's house. It was great, I seen is garage and he let me sit in the Gun Slinger, how cool is that? He has a neat house, I rode in his golf cart and met his kids, lots of fun! This year I may go to a few other stadiums.

I really want to drive some day. I know I may have to work in the pits on the trucks, but one day, watch out, I am coming. I know its going to take many years, but I am building myself up now, for the future. I will be working on my website and you can monitor my progress and the progress of the building of a real monster truck. Join my mailing list and stay updated! Join Now
Check back often or join my personal list as I am working on my website, after homework, of course!!!

More World Finals 2005 Pics
World Finals 2005 Pics

Tom Meents Maximum Destruction and The Future Team Meents Member, ME!
Tom & Me 2005 Dennis Anderson Grave Digger and Me!
Dennis & Me 2005 Scott Hartsock Gun Slinger and Me!
Scott & Me 2005
Monster Jam World Finals Sam Boyd Stadium, MY BANNER!

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