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Tom Meents Win's Vegas 2011!
Congratulations Tom! 2011 World Racing Champion!

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Message For Tom Meents:   Words cannot fully describe our gratitude and appreciation for all you do. Your hard work, endless effort and your dedication to the sport of Monster Trucks has impacted many in ways you cannot imagine. You have made an important impact on our son Gary John and his strive for improved life and future. Your an important part of our son's daily life, strive for personal greatness and dreams of future happiness and goals. Your long days away from your own family, sleepless nights and hours and hours on the road don't go un-noticed. Again, Tom Meents, thank you so much, we will see you at many Monster Jam events in all the coming years. January 23, 2009 will forever be in our memories, thanks from the bottom of our hearts.
Gary, Linda and Gary John Schrader
Memories are Forever, Tom Meents Maximum Destruction
22+ Year Meents Fan!

   My Go-Cart on 3 Wheels!:   July 22nd - While I was riding my go-cart, my front wheel bearings let go and I lost my front wheel. Learning from Monster Truck Drivers, I was able to run on just 3 wheels for about 30 minutes. I was able to still get major air and do sick cyclones! Most of my runs were with left hand turns, but this video show the hardest right hand turns. My Dad has to get a new video camera that has sound, I have to remind him. Now Dad will show me how to crew on my go-cart and get it ready for my next freestyle. This go-cart I have been riding since I was 7 years old, same engine! I have been helping around the house and saving money. My Dad said, maybe next year I will get one with full suspension and an actual gear box instead of the torque converter belt, they keep burning up!   You Like My Run?

See Me Now! Practice for Team Meents! Below Video...

Tom Meents Makes Me Smile! Englishtown Sep 08
Tom Meents & Gary John, Englishtown
Tom Meents Makes Me Smile! Englishtown September 2008:

Question: How can you make a kid smile? Put him in front of Tom Meents and watch magic happen! Englishtown, September 2008, turned out to be a very memorable day for me, thanks so much Tom. Mountain Dew is my drink of choice too, I wonder why? As with the past years, Tom rules Englishtown again with an incredible fan base and amazing freestyle show. I have seen it grow so much since 1998 and it just keeps getting bigger, better, faster and intense sick air. Luckily the rain held out as it always seems there is threats of rain on Monster Truck day in Englishtown. Tom, we need your latest schedule so we can post on your Tom Meents Website...
Gary John Schrader Jr.

West Lebanon Monster Jam July 16, 2008:
(Thanks for the Orange Gatorade!)

Monster Trucks again hit West Lebanon with 3 full days of incredible performances. Dad and I left about 10:30 in the morning and it took us about 3 hours to get to the West Lebanon Speedway. We immediately went into the stands and spent hours watching them get ready for the nights event. We watched them wash Maximum Destruction and Bulldozer, really neat to see. Tom Meents again burned his name in the dirt and took both the Racing and Freestyle wins on Wed, incredible. I made a banner celebrating over 10 years, now near 12 years, as a Tom Meents Fan. I signed my poster and gave it to Tom, it was cool. We left about 11:30pm, got home about 3:00, I went to school and Dad went to work. We will be back next year, really a cool track, fast...
Gary John Schrader Jr.
Tom Meents and me at West Lebanon Speedway July, 16 2008
Tom Meents & Gary John, West Lebanon

Tom Meents with My Poster!  Cool!
Tom Meents with My Poster! Cool!
West Lebanaon Speedway - Monster Trucks
West Lebanaon Speedway - Monster Trucks

Gary John, Mom and Tom Meents!  2008 Fastest Qualifier! Maximum Destruction
Tom, Mom and Me! Dad takes Picture!
World Finals 2008! 16.13 Seconds!   

Tom gets the 2008 Fastest Qualifying lap and 2008 Fastest Qualifier Trophy, way to go Tom! What a great World Finals 2008, weather was amazing and the show was beyond ones wildest dreams. Tom did a great display of consistancy during the Friday Night Qualifying, pure fast and deadly accurate. Tom had fan's from all over the country cheering for him, great display of signs and show of support. A really cool display after the qualifying rounds, out comes Tom with his Meent's Chopper, real cool touch there Tom! Everyone cheered as he gave his qualifying helmet to one of his many fans. Another great year, thanks to the many people who came up to us, we will see you again at the many events to come. We got a lot of great pictures, please submit your photo's so we can post on Tom's Official Fan Club Website here, as he will see you! Also, send us a picture of your banner, we will post that also.
Submit your picture from Vegas!
Thanks Tom! Gary John!

I Need Help!:   Hurry, States are Going Fast... Crush Cars is the Official Tom Meents Fan Club and has grown to an incredible amount of members from all over the world! I have been a fan for over11 years and have started this site about 10 years ago. Keep Up-To-Date on Tom's Official Schedule so make sure you set this to your homepage (bookmark this page now.). What I am looking for is 1 person from each state to be that state's president. It is fun, no hard work involved at all. I would then like you to submit your favorite picture of yourself and Tom or yourself and MaxD with a small story on your favorite moment. That is all for now, but you will be known as the president of your state! You can have your Mom or Dad help, or sister or brother. Thanks! Lets show Tom who you are!
Become Your State's President! Submit picture, your name, email,state... (only 1 per state, hurry!)

Jett Bourgeois Receives His Meents Helmet!:   

My son Jett has been a Monster Jam fan for a couple of years and Tom Meents is his favorite driver. He dreamed about being the lucky kid to get one of Tom's helmets. So, when I found out Monster Jam was coming to Houston on January 5, 2008, I bought the family tickets. Since Jett's birthday (and mine) is on January 10th we made it a birthday bash weekend. I told Jett that his chance of getting the helmet was very slim. But he was certain he would be the one. When we got to Reliant Stadium, I drew the poster on the hood of my truck and we went to the Pit Party. We stood in line for Tom's autograph and we showed him our sign which read, ' All I want for my 8th Birthday is Tom Meents' Helmet. We then went to our seats to watch the show. Well to our amazement, after Tom's unbelievable free style run, he jumped out of Maximum Destruction, climbed up into the stands over rows of fans and walked right up to Jett. He took Jett's Max D cap from his head and replaced it with the famous yellow and black crash helmet. Tom slapped Jett on top of helmet and showed his sign to the frenzied Houston crowd. We were all going crazy! It was literally a dream come true for Jett... and me. We waited in line after the show and Tom was nice enough to visit with us, autograph the helmet and pose for another photo. It's a three hour drive back to our home in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Jett wore his Max D helmet most of the way home. It rests in a place of honor in our home. Thanks Tom! You are the BEST!
Thanks CrushCars! Tim Bourgeois
Jett Bourgeois Receives His Very Own Tom Meents Helmet!
Way Too Go Jett! Congatulations!

CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Zack and Jenna as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State Presidents!
Welcome Zack and Jenna!
Crush Cars Welcomes Our Colorado State Presidents Zack and Jenna!:   

Hi Gary John Jr, you have a great website, we love it!! Thanks for choosing my sister and I to be the official president and vice president of Toms fan club the Colorado division. I am 8 years old and my sister is 12. We are HUGE Tom Meents fans! In fact, at this years world finals we stood in line to see Tom on Friday AND Saturday. He is so friendly and you can tell how much he cares about his fans. It was our first time at the world finals and we cant wait to go next year. We have gone to several of the shows here in Denver in years past, but nothing compared to Vegas. We are origanally from Chicago Heights, IL and wished we could have been there last year when the Monsters on Mainstreet came to Crete, IL. One day we hope Tom will come to Denver, but for now we watch and record all the monster jam shows on speed channel (we don't blame Tom for not coming to Denver because the arena is way to small). We watch them over and over and over again. Our parents sometimes ask if we could watch something else, but then we catch them watching the shows too!!! Hope to see you in Vegas next year!!! NO ONE'S BETTER THAN TOM!!!!!
Thanks CrushCars! Zack and Jenna

Crush Cars Welcomes Our Wisconsin State President Konner!:   

Hi Gary, Awesome site you have. I've been a Meents fan since 2000. My son "Konner" has been a fan since he was born. He just turned 4 a few weeks ago (celebrated by watching Tom in Jacksonville) and is going to his third Finals next week. He's seen Tom run five times this season - Minneapolis, Atlanta, Indy, St. Louis, and Jacksonville. Tom rewarded him with an AWESOME gift after the Indy show, and it's currently hanging on the bedroom wall. The picture of Konner with Max D. is from Minneapolis in December, 2007. The other one is from the owner's box in Atlanta, 2008. I hope you'll consider him for Wisconsin.Hope to see you next week in Vegas.
Thanks CrushCars! Jeff Bauer
CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Konner as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State President!
Tom Meents and Konner!

CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Riley as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State President!
Riley Connor's Big Moment!
Crush Cars Welcomes Our Florida State President Riley!:   

Dear Gary John: We were so excited to find your website. My son, Riley Connor, who is seven years old, has been a die hard Tom Meents fan since he was two. Reading your story has been like hearing our son's story told. This past weekend at the Jacksonville Monster Jam, Riley was blessed with Tom's winning helmet! I'm sure you and your family can relate to our excitement and gratitude. A Meents fan since 2 years old, "He was crying. He was just bawling," adds Riley's grandmother, C.J. Kidd. "He said all the way home: "Can you believe it mama? Can you believe it?" God bless you and your family, and we hope to see you one day in the circuit.
Thanks CrushCars! Patrick, Amy, and Riley Connor

Crush Cars Welcomes Our Iowa State President Chase!:   

Here is my photo of us with Tom in St. Louis, MO 2-16-08!! Tom is the greatest person you'll ever meet, he's the most outgoing person and truly cares about his "FANS".... He definitely puts on one hell of a SHOW!! Lives by his saying "Go Big or Go Home"!!! My son has every possible thing we can get our hands of TOM, even "Goldberg & Team Meents!! I even framed up the photo of him jumping his ""HOUSE" cause my son thought that was awesome!! My question to all the other MEENTS fans who have gotten a "HELMET" what are some of your secrets so at the next show I take my son to I will maybe have better chance of getting him one?! For him this would be the ultimate gift from someone he idolizes at 3yrs old?!! So any help is greatly appreciated!
Thanks CrushCars! The McMurrays
CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Chase as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State President!
Tom Meents and Chase!

CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Dalen as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State President!
Tom Meents and Dalen!
Crush Cars Welcomes Our Indiana State President Dalen!:   

Dalen is 3 years old and has now been following the Monster Truck series for a year now, and resparked my own interest that I had as a child. The more he watches the shows the more he picks up on the names. While he doesn't yet know the drivers names he knows most of the trucks. On Saturday he went to his second Monster Jam. He had an absolute blast. After Tom Meents won freestyle and gave away his helmet, he came back past us and ended up picking Dalen up. Dalen had the biggest smile on his face which is priceless to both him and our family! Tom has got to be one of the most down to earth guys out there! But that is also what I love about this sport...the drivers really care about the fans and like to get out there and meet them. Thanks for starting this site it is great!!!!
Thanks CrushCars! Nikki (Dalen's Mom)

Crush Cars Welcomes Our Kentucky State President Christina!:   

Hello my name is Christina, but feel free to call me Tina. I am 18 years old and I live in Lancaster, KY. I have been a fan of Tom Meents since I was 10 years old when he drove Goldberg. I am one of the few people who follow the driver instead of the truck and Tom Meents is definitely my favorite driver. I have met him only once, but I am getting ready to go back and see him again at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, IN. When I did meet him I thought I was going to pass out and actually I was so excited after meeting him and getting a picture with him that I couldn't even think straight and I went out these side doors and ended up having to walk in the cold while it was snowing just to get to my dad's truck! Anyway I would love to help any way that I could!
Thanks CrushCars!
CrushCars and Tom Meents Welcome Tina as our newest Tom Meents Fan Club State President!
Tom Meents and Tina!

Crush Cars Welcomes Our Arizona State President Logan!:   How cool that you're doing this Gary! And I love all the hard work you're doing on the website. Thanks for posting Tom's schedule.

I would like to submit my son as President for Arizona. His name is Logan and he is almost 4 years old. Everytime we see Tom (once a year is all he comes to Arizona), he remembers our names and even my son's age. He will stop everything to shake my husbands hand and call him by name, give me a hug, and sign whatever Logan asks him to. Tom came to our house to sign the wall in my sons room. I painted a picture of his Team Meents truck on the wall. Unfortunatly, Logan is crying in the photo. I was so touched that Tom agreed to come over and sign it for us. Tom makes us feel like we are truly special fans and friends. He is SUCH a nice man, and a truly gifted driver. (if not a little on the crazy side!) Logan LOVES monster trucks, especally Tom. Logan runs around our the house pretending he's a monster truck driver and makes Daddy do the announcing. When Daddy interviews Logan, Logan does it in true Tom fashion with his trademark "WOOOO" to mark the end of the interview. It's hilarious. Here's a couple pics. If Logan is assigned the President of Arizona, I will help him tend to the tasks required.

Thanks Gary. God Bless.
Monique Hart; son Logan (almost 4 years old); Logan's brother Cody (almost 2 years old); Daddy Roger

Tom signing Logan's Bedroom Wall!
Tom signing Logan's Bedroom Wall!
Tom Meents and Logan having fun!
Tom Meents and Logan having fun!

Englishtown Aug 8th 2007:   

HEY TOM MEENTS! THANK YOU FOR THE THOUGHTFUL SURPRISE! YOU ARE THE MAN! Again, words cannot fully describe your dedication to the sport of MonsterTrucks and the impact you have on SO many, many people's lives. The Schrader's are truely grateful for the tremendous thing you did at Englishtown on August 8th, 2007. You are a big part of Gary John's life and have been for nearly 12 years. You provide a special place in Gary John's life & heart that is beyond what you could ever imagine. You have helped us in many ways by providing a special boy with a great friend, idol and mentor, you give hope, dreams and happiness. Your many hours and days of frustration and stress are outshined by your tremendous growing fan base. Thanks again, someday you will have to see Gary John's treasures of dedication as your number 1 fan!

Everytime we think you cannot do anymore for Gary John, you just shock us! WHAT'S NEXT?

You Number 1 Fan, Gary John Schrader Jr., Always...
Tom Meents Maximum Destruction at Englishtown Aug 8th 2007
You Did It Again! THANKS TOM!!! NICE!

Englishtown NJ September 15, 2007:   Raceway Park Fans again showed everyone who is the Man, Tom Meents! Englishtown Fans without a doubt showed Meents the support and growing fanbase. Meents again showed a tremendous display of driving skills, of course doing an incredible series of cyclones that even got me dizzy watching!Charlie Paulkin of course gave a great display of sick air, but Meents again pulled off the Freestyle win with the crowd applause. There were a totalof 8 trucks, MaxD, Gravedigger (Porter), Superman (Fortune), Hot Wheels (Elliot), Monster Mutt (Paulkin), Black Stallion, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle,Weopon 1. Englishtown really takes down the house when it comes to Freestyle, it is great having really no time limits, there is no 90 second rule.

Tom Meents and I at Englishtown on Sep 15th 2007
Tom Meents & Gary Schrader
Mom and me with Tom Meents
Mom, Me and Tom
Showing everyone who is number 1!
This is what I will do when I win!
I practiced crewing on MaxD!
I practiced crewing on MaxD...

NEWS ALERT FROM THE UK! - Matthews Story from the UK!:   I first saw Monster Jam when a English Channel showed the 2003 Finals. It was on at 830 in the morning and since then I loved them. Tom Meents is my favourite, he does so much for his fans I know about his team Meents and I said to Mum and Dad could I go to a show. I live in England and Mum and Dad said if they were to get some more money we could fly to America. Then early this year when I was watching Monster Jam on Bravo 2 the advert came on that they were coming to the UK. Mum and Dad were really happy for me as it meant we didn't have to go all the way to America. We went on Saturday 27th October at the Millennium Stadium Cardiff in Wales. We had a really long drive to get there. We brought with us a banner we made and we went to the pitt party first. We were amazed to see all the trucks up close and we saw Maximum Destruction. We waited to see Tom and when it was our turn we told him that my mum would get me the Monster Jam trucks toys sent from America for me because we couldn't find them here, he said that was cool,and he signed my banner. The show was excellent and Max Ds truck rolled and lost a wheel.

When the show ended fireworks started and people started to leave but we pushed our way to the front of the tier as we really wanted to see Tom as we knew he'd look for someone to throw his helmet to. All the drivers were walking round the track waving and when Tom came near us me and my Mum were waving our banner and hanging over so he could see it, and he did! He looked at me, pointed to his helmet then pointed at me, I nodded my head and he threw it high into the air and my Dad caught it. We were amazed and the people around us were happy for us and jealous too, lots of people started to take our picture, I keep talking about it. He is the best! - Tom Meents Rocks!
Thanks Crush Cars! "The Official Tom Meent's Fan Club"

Matthew with a Meent's Helmet!
Me (Matthew) with My Tom Meent's Helmet!
Mum and Tom Meents!
Mum and Tom Meents! So Cool!
Me and my Sister with the Man!
Me and my Sister with the Man! Meents!
My MaxD Banner!
My MaxD Banner! What a Proud Day!

West Lebanon Monster Jam July 18, 2007:   

This was my first trip to West Lebanon Speedway for Monster Jam....The rain held out but the track was muddy from the rain earlier in the day!It made for some really good excitement and tested the skills of all the drivers. Meents and Anderson displayed, again, a great rivalry andgood sportsmanship, but in the end, Meents burned his name in the dirt! Lebanon is known for speed, "the straight track", Meents on his last speedjump got just incredible height and distance. It was amazing to see the 10,000 pound MaxD just float in the sky! Tom Meents, Thanks again for yoursurprise!!! I will see you at Englishtown on the 8th of Aug...
Gary John Schrader Jr.
Tom Meents Maximum Destruction at West Lebanon Speedway July, 18 2007
Tom Meents & Dennis Anderson


Tom Meents MaxD, Maximum Destruction, Go Big Or Go Home!
Show Your Support!
Be Safe, How To Hire A Contractor, Don't Play With Your Biggest Investment

Englishtown June 2, 2007:   

Incredible! When you think Tom Meents is at the top, he even goes higher, and HIGHER! The height that Meents was getting was sick, over double of anyone else whowas not on the Meents Racing Team. Elliot got some terrific air in Bulldozer, nice. The crowd favorite was a shutout, Meents did it again!Your fan following is getting bigger day by day, keep up the great effort! It was nice that you brought Bulldozer, that was always my favorite truck besidesMaxD. I had the chance, again, to watch you and your crew put the trucks into the hauler. Everyone on Team Meents knows what to do.

Thanks for coming to Englishtown, I believe we have 3 more events at Raceway Park this year. I like your new quad, what ever happen to old red?
Gary John Schrader Jr.
Tom Meents Maximum Destruction at Englishtown June 2, 2007
Tom Meents MaxD at Englishtown June 2, 2007

The OFFICIAL TOM MEENTS FAN CLUB:   With the help of Struggling To Learn, we are the fastest growing Monster Truck Fan club in the world! is also soon to bereleased that will be the coolest thing to hit the internet since Google! Join the Tom Meents Fan Club today to get your low Fan Club Number!Signing up is completely FREE and it is important to get a Low Fan Club Number, so don't delay!
Tom Meents Fan Club


Monster Truck Site Dedication To Tom Meents
World Finals 2007:   Another great year! We arrived on Wednesday and had the opportunity to check out the track, trucks and drivers. The LiveNation staff were all in fullswing getting ready for the big BBQ party in the pits at 3:30pm on Friday. The weather was just picture perfect, blue skies and bright warm sun.Every year the event gets bigger and better. Our pictures will be uploaded on Tuesday, check back, thanks.

Friday night qualifying had near perfect track conditions with Meents laying down a 71 MPH pass! All 24 trucks gave it their best to try to getinto the top 8 positions in the brackets. At the end, Jimmy Creten, Bounty Hunter, laid down a blistering 15.84 for the top qualifier. Tom Meentspulled into the 4th position with a 16.28 pass. Neil Elliot had drift shaft problems and had DNQ'd. See our final bracket chart on Tuesday. again carried the NJ Flag in the opening ceremonies on Saturday with a great display of our United States Military. We had 2 bannersfor the event, including our very popular "Go Big Or Go Home" banner that was seen on national television and is featured in LiveNation's Monster Jamvideo presentations.
Submit a picture of your banner for display on this site!

The racing on Saturday turned out to be a disaster with both left and right hand lanes turning into extreme slick conditions. The weather may havepulled up some of the moisture which made very bad conditions. This factor threw off the whole night with the best of the best sliding out and makingit anyones game. In the end, Dennis Anderson and John Seasock paired up with Seasock making the winning run and becoming the World Racing Champion.Tom Meents got taken down by the ill track conditions. Easy to say, but maybe the track crew could of brought in more dirt to help alleviate the slickconditions. Even taking a 1/2 hour to attempt to improve the turns may have helped the competitors.

Tom Meents Maximum Destruction & Gary Schrader
Freestyle had the biggest obstacles ever attempted in Monster Truck competition. I believe we are at the point that we are actually seeing thelimits of the human body with the drivers taking a high level of abuse. This type of extreme course really brings out the professionalismin the drivers. Pablo Huffaker newly designed monster truck "Captain Curse" showed an awesome run coming out with a score of 34. Tom Meentsstarted off in typical Meents style with an incredible display of skill, again the track getting the best of him. Meents hitting one jumpand probably seeing in excess of 40 feet landed breaking his rear in half. With only front wheel drive dragging his back end, the night ended forMeents. Dennis Anderson show an amazing display of freestyle, but in the end, Pablo Huffaker became the 2007 Freestyle Champion!

Monster Jam Tampa!:   Ok Mr. Tom Meents, I made the custom sign, traveled all the way from New Jersey to Tampa and you go to Detroit! Very funny! Neil Elliot drivingMaximum Destruction II did an incredible job, winning the racing and coming very close to the double down trophy. I really missed seeing you therebut Neil put on a fantastic show. I guess I should have went to Detroit! Weather was great, I had a nice time, incredible show that was put onby Live Nation and Monster Jam. Candice Jolly did a great job in racing and freestyle, it was the first time I seen her race live, great effort.Let me know and I can post your schedule here for all to see. Check out my custom sign I made for you Tom Meents...

Ok, Tom Meents, I Make the Sign and You Go to Detroit!Check Out This Sign, Its Coming to Vegas!
Monster Jam, Raymond James Stadium Here I Am!Ok, I am ready to sign!
Neil Elliot's Wild FreeStyleCandice Jolly Making Some Sick Air!

   Englishtown Aug 9th: August 9th at the Jet Car Nationals and Monster Crush Off turned out to be great weather and a fantastic show.We had the opportunity to be in the 3rd floor Suite of the Tower which gave us a different view and knowledge of what goes on. We were able to seebehind the scenes and all the organization of all the different race cars, show vehicles and monster trucks. Tom Meentsas usual put on a incredible display of professionalism. At the end of the freestyle he did his famous "wing walk"on the top of MaxD, pretty cool! The E-Town crowd is without a doubt a Tom Meents fan base. Tom, Thanks for the gift! We will see you soon! Keep up the great effort, from your number 1 fan!!! Video to the left is from Englishtown, Maximum Destruction at his best!

Who Is Tom Meents

Who is Tom Meents You Say?
Tom Meents, driver of Maximum Destruction is a professional monster truck driver and the only 7 time World Champion. He currently drives Maximum Destruction (monster truck) on the USHRA Monster Jam circuit. Meents usually races and freestyles with Neil Elliott who drives Hot Wheels. Tom Meents stays on the cutting edge of Freestyle moves, this year did one of the first back flips ever in monster truck history! Gary John Schrader, founder of the Tom Meents Offical Fan Club, has been following the Meents Racing Team for nearly 11 years. Tom's truck is a proven chassis and mechanicals that allows for a true field tested monster truck that seems to defy the laws of gravity.

Career: Meents started out as a mud racer, driving his own vehicle, Shake Me. Meents experienced his first wreck when he rolled the Shake Me over at a USHRA Mud Race in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He won the NMRO Open Class championship in 1992. He later teamed up with Paul Shafer to drive Shafer's Mud Patrol vehicle. Tom won the NMRO Class 5 championship in 1993 and 1994 and won the Class 6 championship in 1993. This also led to an opportunity to drive one of Shafer's Monster Patrol monster trucks, which Tom drove to a quick rise in popularity. Among his accomplishments in this truck was a victory at the USHRA U.S. Truck Fest in 1997.

Tom Meents bought the truck and in 1999 was commissioned by PACE Motor Sports (now Clear Channel to run a Bulldozer truck) body to help increase the truck's exposure. In his first event with Bulldozer, Meents defeated Dennis Anderson and Grave Digger on national television, becoming an instant star in the process. Meents would continue driving Bulldozer until the end of 1999.

In 2000, Clear Channel commissioned Meents to drive a new truck, Goldberg, named after the WCW wrestler. Meents was extremely successful in the truck and rose to an even greater level of popularity, despite controversy over the truck's wrestling basis and unconventional looks. With Goldberg, Meents won the inaugural Monster Jam World Finals racing championship in 2000, and completed a full sweep of the event in 2001. This event was notable for the controversial "grand finale", in which Anderson and Meents attempted to drive over each other's trucks at the end of the freestyle competition.

When the WCW folded at the end of 2001, Meents debuted Team Meents, which was a repaint of Goldberg with a similar design and lettering style. Meents again swept the World Finals in 2002 with this truck.

In 2003, the truck got a brand new image with the debut of Maximum Destruction. Meents' popularity has remained high with this truck, with several major stadium event victories, but he has not had the success in the World Finals he had with previous trucks. Despite berths in the first three World Finals since switching to "Max D.", he had only been able to score a co-championship in freestyle with Madusa and El Toro Loco (truck) in 2004. Finally, in 2006, Meents broke through and regained the Monster Jam freestyle championship. Recently in the Monster Jam World Finals 2009, Meents again proved he is the baddest and fastest by regaining the Racing Championship.

Meents has several signature moves in freestyle, including high-speed "cyclone" donuts, "side surf" two-wheel driving, and roof and wing walks where he stands on the roof or wing (as on Monster Patrol) of the truck while it is still in motion. Another is Tom sticking his left hand out the window while flying through the air. Tom also has a reputation for hitting obstacles at unconventional angles and at higher speeds than other drivers, and has been criticized for the high number of rollovers which please the crowd but are sometimes seen as unnecessary.


USHRA U.S. Truck Fest Champion - 1997
USHRA World Finals Racing Champion - 2000, 2001, 2002, 2009
USHRA World Finals Freestyle Champion - 2001, 2002, co-champion 2004, 2006

   World Finals 2004, UNREAL!! Watch this amazing Monster Truck video of Tom Meents, Maximum Destruction! Incredible demonstration of not giving up, the will to go on and the heart of a true champion! I seen it live in Las Vegas, intense action by Tom Meents, he does what it takes and does not give up. Video is about 4 minutes, but worth every second! Take a look and hit the play button. This is experience at its best, what it takes to be "The Man!" Tom Meents loses the front tire, the tire does not fall off, he keeps getting more intense as the freestyle goes on. Watch near the end, wow! Tom Meents just keeps getting better... One day I will be a part of the Meents Racing Team, mark my word, its all about reaching goals.

The Power of Tom Meents and Maximum Destruction!   I Scared the Speed Demon!   Oct 22nd - The chilling Halloween trip into the Lost Speedway to help capture the Englishtown NJ Speed Demon was a success! As I wondered through the junkyard the Speed Demon appeared and immediately looked into my eyes, then I noticed he had the look of worry as he noticed my Tom Meents Maximum Destruction Shirt and Hat on. He immediately took off, the police and other quads tried to catch him but they were unsuccessful. I jumped into the Monster Truck Halloween Ride, with about 25 people and headed into the Lost Speedway to help capture the Speed Demon. As we started to go in, I tighened my Tom Meents Maximum Destruction Hat onto my head and began to look around. It was cold and dark but I knew I could help capture him. As we got deeper into the woods, the Monster Truck engine died and I heard howling noises then I seen the red lights of the Speed Demon. He approached the Monster Truck but wearing the Tom Meents Maximum Destruction gear the Speed Demon quickly fled away. All the kids cheered as I proudly knew the Power of Tom Meents was with me!
  You Like My Story?

Englishtown Sep 16th:   Tom Meents again fired up the night at Raceway Park's US Diesel Trucking Nationals and Monster Crush Off by really winning over the crowd.There were a total of 8 monster trucks for the event; Maximum Destruction, Grave Digger, Hot Wheels, Monster Mutt, Superman, Ninja Turtle, Black Stallion and Iron Warrior.When Tom Meents came out the crowd immediately stood up and cheered then he started his signature sick air off the cars, showing everyone "Who is the Man." As he approachedthe burn out area he whipped Maximum Destruction into a wild cyclone which affected his rear wheel steer. He then limped off the track and the TomMeents crew scrambled to solve the problem. It was so severe it had caught the monster truck on fire momentarily. As the other trucks came out and did theirfreestyle, it appeared the night was over for MaxD. As the last truck finished, the crowd cheered as they seen the yellow lights, Meents was firedback up! Gary Porter of Grave Digger also came out the same time in a wild Monster Crush Off. Tom Meents once again ruled at Raceway Park! I alsohad the chance to talk with "Mullett", he said the chassis of Monster Mutt was actually Maximum Destruction #2, no wonder Neil Elliot had an impressiverun! Another great night at Raceway Park, thanks everyone and especially Thanks Tom Meents! We will see you soon!!!
Through the Eyes of Gary John

Our Hagerstown MD Trip:   We started our trip to Hagerstown early Saturday morning July 15th. It was a nice day for traveling, quite hot, but at least the AC in the SUVwas nice and cold. We had a few hours to kill so we decided to stop in Gettysburg and learn about our Nations history. There were many monumentsthere and it was a very interesting place to see. We arrived at the track at 4:00 and got on line as the gates opened at 5:00 pm. There weremany people already there, exciting! The races started right on time and the stands were packed. As usual, the USHRA put on a great show and it wasgreat to see my favorite driver and truck there, Tom Meents of Maximum Destruction. He really put on a great show, but I really wonder on the finalsof the racing whether or not Black Stallion really won. I was seated right at the finish line and it appeared that Tommy pulled off the win, I guessI was wrong. Meents put on a tremendous freestyle, but ending a little early due to a blown engine, I wish I could of helped him crew. Chuckie Paulkin drove Grave Digger to a freestyle tremendous win, wild high flying action. Overall it was a great trip, expect to see me there next year!

Find Me in Las Vegas in 2009! Success!
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Tom Meents Fan Club (2009) – MonsterJam has been announcing as they become known, the top contenders for the World Finals in Las Vegas. The field will be grand at the Monster Jam World Finals at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas on Saturday, March 28. To date, it’s the largest assembly of teams competing at a Monster Jam World finals with 24 trucks in the field, next year there may be 32?

Considered to be the ultimate Monster Jam event by both the competitors and spectators, nearly 200+ teams have been vying for the opportunity to battle one another before the sold out Las Vegas crowd. And, this year, because of the sports wide spread appeal and growing popularity, additional race teams will be given that chance.

URGENT MESSAGE - Las Vegas Banners! Show Tom Your Support!
The Las Vegas World Finals is only a few weeks away and those of you making your banners, lets show Tom our dedicated support. Somewhere on your banner put "" which is Tom's Official Fan Club Website. Lets all show the world who is our Champion by putting "" on your banner! This may even give you the edge that is needed to get the precious Tom Meents Helmet.
Tom Meents Fan Club

The 2008 Finals was INcredible! The weather was absolutely beautiful, sunny clear skies. Live Nation performed great job in organizing the event. We are already anxious for next year! This year FELD Entertainment Inc will for sure will provide the best ever...

This was my 9th year at the finals! We will be at the Friday BBQ and quailifying as well as the pit party on Saturday. So many people came up to us to say hello last year, thank you all and Tom thanks you for the continued dedication and support. Thanks to Robert G for spotting me in 2007! 2008 was Chase!

One Lucky Kid...Despite the Rain!   June 3rd 2006 turned out dreary with the overcast and rainy skies. Gary John watched the local weather channel most of the dayin anticipation of the "Night of Thrills" at Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ. With the rain still coming down, Raceway Park officials opened the gatesas the weather forcast showed the rain ending near race time.In a gift of appreciation for continuous support, Tom Meents gifted Gary John with the actual piece of the winning Monster TruckMaximum Destruction from the 2006 World finals! He personally signed the "On A Mission" fiberglass section, truely a gift of a lifetime.This has been placed on a very special part of the wall in Gary John's room. THANKS TOM!!! Unfortunately the rain continued to come down and the eventwas completely cancelled due to the drag racing track being unable to be dry properly.
A Treasure for Life

NEWS FLASH: Gary John Starts His Career!   On May 27, 2006 Gary John Schrader Jr. age 14 began his career in Monster Trucks working with KHM Motorsports. Gary John had his firstride in the KHM Hauler to the event which was the Bradley Beach Parade in NJ. He assisted with getting the truck ready by learning themethods of the removal of the transport tires and putting on the Big Monster Truck Tires. He then rode right along side Mike Dudick and wastrained during the parade on rear wheel steer, safety, cyclones, ground hand signals, throttle control, braking etc. The parade wasexciting and the crowd was thrilled to see the Monster Truck Music City Crusher. Gary John was then invited to another parade on May 31st in East Brunswick,NJ. Gary John again rode along side Mike Dudick in the Monster Truck. Thanks to Hilda, Kevin and Mike Dudick of KHM Motorsports!
Gary John Starts His Career!
Riding in the KHM Motorsports HaulerTime to Get Out the Monster Truck
Putting on the Monster Truck TiresThis is What I Want To Do

Dennis Anderson, Racing Champion:   It just keeps getting better and better! Last year leaving the World Finals, I thought "How can they top that"? Well guess what, they didplus some in a very big way...There was no holding back for no one, racing and freestyle was flat out strong. Anderson played a cool game and brought GraveDigger number 20 to the winners circle edging out Bounty Hunter by about 1 tire length. The excitement, the cheers actually brought chills toones bones. Dennis, parked the truck and went into the audience to congratulate the fans for their continued growing support. 24 years and still getting stronger, the legend continues...the game has only begun!
Tell us your thoughts!
Monster Truck World Finals Racing Champion Dennis Anderson Grave Digger

Tom Meents, Free Style Champion:   Every single Monster Truck strutted their stuff in a big way, showing no fear in any obstacle they approached. Most drivers did not stop tilltheir truck had nothing left, it was very intense. Maximum Destruction, Tom Meents, showed a few surprises that seemed near impossible but cameoff with perfection. As his Free Style was about to begin, a MaxD truck came out and drove right on top of the rock pile water fountain. The crowdwondered, then Neil Elliott stepped out of the truck and out came Meents in the other MaxD Monster! He lined up and jumped his own truck! He continuedthe full 90 seconds and attained the biggest air EVER in Monster Truck history. Meents burned into the dirt "Go Big or Go Home", a true Legend! Win Big or Go Home!Tell us your thoughts!
Monster Truck World Finals Free Style Champion Tom Meents
Monster Truck World Finals Free Style Champion Tom MeentsMonster Truck World Finals Free Style Jim Kohler
Monster Truck World Finals Free Style Champion Tom MeentsMonster Truck World Finals Racing Champion Grave Digger
Monster Truck World Finals Schrader BannerMonster Truck World Finals Free Style
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Tom Meents Driver of Maximum Destruction   Message for Tom Meents:   September 17th, 2005 you have not only made a memory for our son which will last his lifetime, but you really touched our hearts by giving Gary John your Freestyle Trophy. We truely appreciate it and it now sits right on his bedroom dresser along with the many pictures over his walls. You made us very proud and most importantly touched a truely special little boy, our son. He comes home, everyday and immediately watches Monster Truck DVDs, VHS movies he has taped from the Speed Channel as well as playing Playstation 2, Masters of Metal Monster Trucks, countinuously cheering for you. His whole life is revolved around Monster Trucks, it is a very big part of his life. You have touched his life in ways that are helping with his daily life and activities. You are his idol, thanks for all the things you do.
The best to your wife Debra and your daughter Hannah, for their support. Thanks again, we will see you soon...You Made Your Mark! Gary John's Dad & Mom Hear Full Monster Truck Story From Gary John's View

A Sport For the Fans:   We have spent many hundreds and hundreds of hours going to Monster Truck Events, watching DVDs, tuning in on The Speed Channel to watchall the great Monster Jam Events around the country. It truely is a sport like no other. All the drivers carry that special "fun" competition attitude with the main goal of satifying the fans. Yeah there is the hopes of winning at the World Finals Monster Jam but the love for the fans always shines.Sometimes even a win by driving the Monster Truck into the ground will cause tremendous damage, but the cheer of the fans always prevails.The drivers spend countless hours "wrenching" on their trucks, countless hours signing autographs, countless hours driving around the countryall just to get the fans approval. If you have never gone to a live Monster Truck event, there is nothing like it, a true family event.Monster Trucks truely Rock! We thank Live Nation for their tremendous professionalism andcontinued effort!

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