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2009 Monster Trucks of Monster Jam!
(With the help from

Wall, NJ (Feb, 2009) – FELD Entertainment delivered the incredible monster trucks that will compete at the Monster Jam World Finals at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas when they become available. To date, it’s the largest assembly of teams competed at a Monster Jam World finals with 24 trucks in the field.

Considered to be the ultimate Monster Jam event by both the competitors and spectators, nearly 150 teams have vyed for the opportunity to battle one another before the sold out Las Vegas crowd. And, this year, because of the sports wide spread appeal and growing popularity, four additional race teams were given that chance. The following trucks and drivers competed:

1) Maximum Destruction – Tom Meents
2) Grave Digger – Dennis Anderson
3) El Toro – Lupe Soza
4) Avenger – Jim Koehler
5) Bounty Hunter – Jimmy Creten
6) Blue Thunder – Linsey Weenk
7) Pastrana 199 – Cam McQueen
8) Batman – John Seasock
9) An Escalade – George Balhan
10) Destroyer – Air Man Dan Evans
11) Taz – Adam Anderson
12) Superman – Chad Fortune
13) Stone Crusher – Steve Sims
14) Brutus – Chris Bergeron
15) Captain Curse – Alex Blackwell
16) Air Force Afterburner – Damon Bradshaw
17) War Wizard – Randy Moore
18) Donkey Kong – Frank Kreml
19) Safe Auto Minimizer – Mark McDonald
20) Monster Mutt – Chucky Paulkin
21) Monster Mutt Dalmation – Candice Jolly
22) King Krunch – David Smith
23) Niji Turtle – Pablo Huffaker
24) Madusa – Madusa
25) Few More Years!... – Gary Schrader!

World Finals 2009 (1)

Gary John and All 24 Drivers!

Tom Meents, Gary John and Mom

Dennis Anderson and Gary John

Damon Bradshaw and Gary John

Jim Kolher, Gary John and Mom

John Seasock and Gary John

Linsey Weenk and Gary John

Jimmy Creton and Gary John

Chris Bergeron and Gary John

Alex Blackwell and Gary John

Air Man Dan and Gary John

Frank Kreml and Gary John

Lupe Soza and Gary John

George Balhan and Gary John

David Smith and Gary John

Madusa, Gary John and Mom

Chuckie Paulkin and Gary John

Candice Jolly and Gary John

Pablo Huffaker and Gary John

Cam McQueen and Gary John

Mark McDonald and Gary John

Steve Sims and Gary John

Adam Anderson and Gary John

Randy Moore and Gary John

Chad Fortune and Gary John
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